To Our LRK holders

Dear LRK holder,

Blockchain technology is rising in the World at an amazing pace. This trend is driven in part by our ever-evolving nature of the world and advances in informational technology. Many great ideas have surfaced on the use of Blockchain technology across traditional elements such as social economic, healthcare, finance, etc. However, there remains a challenge to bridge the gap between concepts to practical real-world applications. To address some of today’s challenges and play a big role in evolution of Blockchain technology, the Lekan Network has assembled a unique approach to move the African informal sector to Blockchain. We are excited to launch our network and bring Blockchain technology to an emerging continent. Beyond this endeavor, other unsolved opportunities exist, and we will venture out as pioneers to transform informal systems.

Our plan starts with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise the funds necessary to achieve our goals while building the Lekan Network through a series of decentralized applications. These decentralized applications will aim to innovate the informal sector of Africa. In summary our goals are to introduce the Lekan coins into African retail markets, leverage the Lekan Network to lend and supply funds to proper institutions and small business owners that aim to grow, and create a platform for people to connect professionally. The Lekan network is ready for the world and has started operating.

We are excited to bring a practical utilization of Blockchain technology and contribute to the future growth of this space. We look forward to a successful 2021 as we apply the Lekan Network to the informal sector of Africa. We thank you for your support.

Best Regards

Ian Tetteh

Chief Executive Officer